3 Reasons Probiotics Are Important For Women

As far as protecting women’s health is concerned, there is nothing quite as effective and powerful as a balanced microbiome.

Unfortunately, unbeknown to most women, the unhealthy western lifestyle is engaged in a silent war against the beneficial bacteria that are meant to reside within the digestive tract. Unsound diet practices, prolonged exposure to birth control pills and antibiotics, stress, environmental toxins, overzealous hygiene habits, and other factors can all impact the gut flora.

One way to counter the negative effects of an unhealthy lifestyle is by taking probiotics. Doing so will increase the number of friendly bacteria that live inside the intestines. These bacteria have a powerful influence not only on the immune system but overall health and wellness as well. In fact, a woman’s metabolism, weight, skin appearance, yeast balance, mood and energy levels, and even the health of the urinary tract are all directly influenced by gut health.

Regardless of age, optimizing the digestive health not only protects but promotes the wellness of the whole body – and it all begins with a strong microbiome packed with good bacteria.

3. Urinary And Vaginal Health

Probiotics act like nano super weapons for maintaining urinary and vaginal health. These helpful microorganisms move through the digestive tract and colonize within the guts, urinary tract, and vagina.

Beneficial bacteria, like various strains of Lactobacillus, have many benefits to a woman’s body. Chief among these is to provide the perfect vaginal pH, reassuring that the female reproductive system is inhospitable towards unwanted invader. The absence of friendly flora within a woman’s microbiome can lead to problematic microbes and yeasts creeping in and causing an imbalance in the system.