6 Ways To Manage Your Impulses

Impulse control is a learned behavior that we develop as we grow. The ability to resist instant gratification even if the consequences are negative can take years to develop. Although it is very easy to say that impulse control is a good thing that is crucial in achieving one’s goals, it is a lot harder practice.

We’ve lined up six principles below that will help you manage your impulses more effectively.

6. Be aware of the risks.

Determine what areas of your life have caused you troubles as it correlates with impulse control. Some people are having issues with procrastination while others have problems with eating too much or drinking too much alcohol. Some have hot tempers who have trouble controlling their anger while others are unable to manage their spending impulses which may lead to financial troubles. If you find it difficult to identify which areas of your life get you into trouble, ask someone who knows you really well as they may have a better perspective on your problems than you do.