9 Cleaning Secrets Hotels Don’t Want You To Know

Staying in a hotel, even a fairly cheap one, can make you feel like royalty – mostly because you don’t have to clean anything. A good hotel room is so clean it feels brand new for every guest. That’s because hotel cleaning staff really know their stuff. But that knowledge isn’t strictly for hotels. These are some of the best kept industry cleaning secrets that you can use in your own home.

10. Don’t Fall For Gimmicks

The best cleaning tools and products are often not found in the cleaning aisle at the supermarket. For example, most hotels do not use disposable dusting cloths. This is not just because they are expensive and wasteful, but the cleaning staff generally find that they don’t work as well as a plain, damp cloth. And your hippy roommate isn’t the only one who cleans with vinegar. Hotel housekeepers all over the world still use this tried and true natural cleaner.