4 Reasons Why Music Can Help You Concentrate

For some people, studying for a test or doing their homework in complete silence is just plain odd and weird. These type of people need something that fills the silence, a little noise in the background that helps them stay focused and keep their minds from wandering off. The perfect solution for this? Listen to some music! But did you know that aside from blocking out surrounding distractions, there are actually science-backed reasons why music can help you concentrate? Here are some of them:

4. Music helps in studying.

According to a study done in the University of Wales, studying while listening to music can not only improve your attention, memory and math skills, it can also lessen anxiety and feelings of depression.

When the researchers did a test on how background music can influence the students’ scores on tests, it was found that the students who listened to music while taking the tests finished the tests at a much quicker pace and were able to answer more questions correctly. Although the study states that the students’ test scores were higher with background music, the effect of music was not the same for every student, which means that the type of music was a crucial factor in the test scores.