4 Ways To Stop Yourself From Getting Emotionally Triggered

No matter how amiable and compassionate you want to be as a person, your brain will make you do and say things that are not so kind when your emotions are triggered. This is because the brain responds to stimuli long before your conscious mind can decide what to do. As a result, your immediate reactions tend to produce damaging results. And as what usually happens, instead of trying to undo what happened, you find reasons to justify your behavior.

According to essayist Hannah Moore, the ingenuity of self-deception is inexhaustible. Since the act of rationalization is really quick, the best action to take is to recognize when it happens and to take a moment to consider what else could be causing your unhealthy reaction.

Here are five steps you can take to help you overcome your emotional triggers.

4. Accept Responsibility For Your Actions

When it comes to emotional triggers, it is not how you react that matters, it is how you act following the reaction that is more important. The first step is becoming aware of your emotions and rationalizations. Once you can achieve this kind of consciousness, you can tell your brain what you would like to think and do differently in spite of what you are feeling.

When you strive to identify what it is that triggers your emotional reaction, you gain the power to feel differently about the situation if you want to. You will also gain clarity about what you need to do to change your circumstances.