The Top 9 Gyms To Join


The gymnasium has been around for millennia. From the ancient Greeks to Mr. Universe contestants, the gym has always been the place where fitness enthusiasts go to socialize, philosophize, and get totally jacked. These days people join gyms for all sorts of different reasons. Some of us are looking to pump our muscles to the extremes of their genetic limits, others want to lose a few pounds, and some of us enjoy the mental benefits of working out. With the fitness industry growing more than ever before, there are plenty of different gyms to choose from. Here are some of the best national and international gyms.

9. Anytime Fitness


Anytime Fitness has locations in nineteen countries, with 2400 locations. It’s open 24 hours every single day and if you’re a member at one, you’re a member at them all so it’s great for travelers who don’t want to neglect their workout routine for a vacation or business trip.