6 Reasons To Go For A Walk Right Now

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Exercise does not have to mean running through sand dragging a mile of chain, giving yourself thigh welts from hours and hours of spin class, or popping a blood vessel in your sinuses while lifting anvils. Easy exercise can actually be quite pleasant and surprisingly efficient, and walking is the monarch of pleasant exercise. Here are some reasons to leave the workout machines at home and go for a walk.

6. It’s a workout…really

Walking burns more calories than you might expect -around 190 per hour. Low impact exercise like walking is an effective cardio workout because it uses almost as much energy as a more intense workout like running and it’s way easier on you muscles, lungs, heart, and joints which means you can keep it up for a much longer time. If you’re just starting to add exercise to your routine (or if you’re just a bit lazy) the ease of walking means you will be more likely to stick with it.