5 Things You Can Do To Lose Weight Other Than Exercising

For many people, strictly adhering to a diet and exercise regimen can be difficult. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent you from mindlessly gaining weight. The following are several proven ways to reduce your weight without exercising.

5. Chew Food Slowly And Thoroughly

Your brain needs some time to process that you have had enough to eat so how fast you eat may also affect your weight. A review of 23 observational studies has found that fast eaters are more likely to acquire weight that those who take time to eat their food. The same review also found that faster eaters are much more likely to be overweight.


Chewing your food better not only allows you to eat more slowly, it has also been linked to lesser food intake and increased fullness. As eating your food more slowly can help you feel full with fewer calories, it is an effective way to lose weight as well as prevent weight gain.