5 Myths Related To Weight Loss That Aren’t True

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions that surround the concept of weight loss. Not only can these lies derail you from your diet efforts, it may potentially harm your health too.

To help you sort out myths from facts, here are 4 of the most prominent weight loss myths according to experts.

5. Weight Loss Diets Are Effective

Unfortunately, the diet and fitness industry is not always on your side. In fact, many “weight loss experts” try to manipulate you into thinking that diets actually work. Sadly, this is never the case.

According to studies, dieting never works in the long run. In fact, an average of 85% of dieters actually end up gaining back their lost weight within a year. Researchers have also found that those people who diet are more likely to gain more weight in the future than non-dieters.

The truth is, dieting is just a factor that always comes before the weight gain. The general rule is that you should avoid thinking about weight loss as a time to start dieting. Instead, you should focus on becoming a fitter and healthier version of yourself. This means not only eating healthier food but sleeping better and exercising more as well.