4 Easy Ways To Lose Weight Over The Age Of 40

It’s a widely-held belief that losing weight after you reach the age of 40 can be difficult. You begin to lose muscle mass as you age, which causes your metabolic rate to slow down. Add a dose of wildly unpredictable hormones to an already slowed down metabolism and you’ve got yourself a perfect recipe for weight gain.

But the unsettling is that weight gain after 40 not only translates into tight-fitting shirts and pants, you’re also at risk for developing a wide range of diseases that includes diabetes, high blood pressure and depression.

And to make things worse, you’ll find that all the tips and tricks that effortlessly worked while you were in your 20s and 30s (remember those times when all you had to do to lose a couple of pounds was to cut back on dessert and spend an extra hour at the gym?) no longer work now that you’ve hit middle age. So instead of resorting to quick fixes that don’t work anymore, here are four steps you can take to develop healthy habits and combat weight gain in your 40s.

4. Lift Weights

It’s a fact that you begin to lose muscle mass as you age. Your metabolic rate, or the rate that your body burns calories, is also directly tied to your muscle mass. For example, a pound of muscle at rest will burn around six calories per hour. Compare that to a pound of fat that only burns two calories per hour and you’ll realize just how much crucial muscle mass is when it comes to losing weight.

Lifting weights is also beneficial for middle aged women as it helps maintain bone density during menopause.