5 Ways To Keep Weight Off

According to surveys, 20% of obese and overweight Americans have managed to lose weight and successfully kept it off.

There are a lot of resources and opinions about how to lose weight, but what most, if not all, dieters learn firsthand is that maintaining weight loss can be just as difficult, if not more so, than losing the pounds. And yet resources and discussions about weight maintenance are noticeably scarce.

Fortunately, The National Weight Control Registry was founded in 1994 to try to identify those individuals who have successfully maintained weight loss and study their behaviors, habits, attitudes and skills. The Registry currently keeps track of more than 10,000 Americans over 18 years old who have successfully maintained at least a 30-pound weight loss for over a year.

Listed below are some of the few things that successful weight losers and maintainers do differently.

5. They make it a point to make the transition from losing weight to maintaining it as seamless as possible.

Shedding pounds in a way that is closest to what maintaining it will feel like may prove to be the most effective approach. For example, if you lose weight by adapting an unusual diet like a liquid meal plan or eating only one type of food, it can be difficult to transition to your maintenance diet. Instead of losing weight through weird diets that are impossible to sustain, try to learn right off the bat what it’s like to eat a healthier diet and start developing an exercise routine to incorporate into your daily life. The trick is to build healthier patterns that truly last.