5 Ways To Improve Your Memory

It was once a common opinion that brain function peaks during early adulthood before gradually declining and eventually leading to brain fog and lapses in memory during old age.

Now, however, it’s a widely accepted idea that a person’s lifestyle is a major factor when it comes to cognitive decline. People are also more aware that things like poor diet, chemicals, toxins, stress and lack of sleep can negatively affect the way the brain functions.

The opposite is also true in that a healthy lifestyle can do wonders for your brain like promote neurogenesis, a process where the brain gives birth to new neurons. Recent studies have proven that the brain’s memory center AKA the hippocampus, can regenerate through an entire lifetime provided that it’s given the tools to do so.

The good news is that these “tools” are mainly lifestyle-based and don’t require you to spend cash on any medical procedure or any expensive prescription medication at all to boost your brain and your memory. All you need to do is to simply try out these following tricks.

5. Eat Right

Your diet plays a huge role in maintaining good memory. Fresh vegetables and healthy fats are essential. Foods like celery, broccoli, durry, walnuts and cauliflower contain antioxidants and other helpful compounds that promote brain health as well as stimulate the production of new brain cells. One healthful fat for brain function is coconut oil. According to studies, two tablespoons of coconut oil can supply you with 220 grams of medium chain triglycerides or MCT, which helps as a preventive measure against degenerative neurological diseases.