5 Common Causes of Inflammation

Inflammation is never easy to diagnose as it manifests itself in many forms. Although we can use blood tests to detect it, medication is not really straightforward as there is not one solution that will fit all cases.

The Center for Physical Rehabilitation defines inflammation as a localized physical condition in which an area of the body becomes swollen, reddened, hot and more often than not causes pain as a reaction to infection or injury.

Although it has always been associated with something negative, acute inflammation is our body’s natural reaction to foreign invaders. We’ve all gone through a fever due to a cold or an injury like a swollen knee after a fall. In those cases, inflammation is not an issue. On the contrary, it’s our body’s cells’ way of helping us heal. It only becomes a problem when it becomes chronic.

Chronic inflammation symptoms vary depending on the organs affected and its stage level. To the untrained eye, they can easily be mistaken for acne, common allergies or tiredness but chances are, these reactions may be manifestations of inflammation in the body.

Chronic inflammation can cause conditions like diabetes, cancer and depression just to name a few. Read on to discover the common triggers of inflammation.

5. Sugar

Research has shown that many Americans are consuming more than twice the recommended allowance for sugar. From the ubiquitous breakfast cereal to microwavable soups to low-sodium crackers, the American diet is loaded with added sugars, usually in the form of high-fructose corn syrup. Too much sugar can induce an immune response that leads to inflammation and diseases like diabetes.