5 Subtle Signs You Might Have Adult ADHD

Adult ADHD always begins as childhood ADHD. This is according to Dr. Eric Lifshitz, a psychiatrist at Santa Monica’s Providence Saint John’s Health Center.

The main criteria in diagnosing ADHD in adults is having a history of problems with focus, concentration, memory and organization your whole life. If the issues are a new phenomenon, then it’s probably not ADHD.

Below are some signs that you might have adult ADHD. Keep in mind though that a trained professional can provide you with the proper diagnosis to get you the best care.

5. You easily get bored with conversations … even the ones that are just starting.

It’s okay to be involved in one or two brain-numbing conversations a day – that’s pretty normal. But if you feel like all of your conversations are uninteresting, or you find yourself constantly interrupting or finishing other people’s sentences for them to rush the conversation, chances are you might have ADHD. Another usual complaint of adults diagnosed with ADHD is feeling like other people are speaking too slowly. The reason for this is that the brains of ADHD sufferers are always two steps ahead, making it difficult for them to listen to others. They also have a hard time allowing the people they’re talking to some time to formulate their thoughts.