4 Biggest Sources Of Inflammation

Inflammation in itself is not really bad. In fact it’s the body’s natural and healthy way of preserving itself. However, when too many pro-inflammatory catalysts have built up, chronic inflammation happens which causes the body to stay in “defense mode” all the time, which in turn, can lead to symptoms like bloating, headaches and foggy thinking.

Below you’ll find four of the biggest sources of inflammation along with some information on what you can do about them.

4. Processed Sugar And Carbohydrates

Excess insulin will always equal to inflammation. It’s as simple as that. Whenever there is a spike in your blood sugar levels, your pancreas will produce a surge of insulin, activating in the process pro-inflammatory agents called cytokines. These blood sugar spikes are usually triggered by processed sugars and high glycemic load (GL) foods like refined carbohydrates. Countless studies have concluded that a low GL diet is the way to go if you want your body to produce less inflammatory biomarkers.

An effective way to avoid excess insulin production is to lessen sugar intake. Start by tracking your sugar intake for a day then halving your consumption the next day. Your aim should be consuming just about 25 grams or less in a day.